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How we help in your home/garage/backyard or online!

Mobility Phase

In this beginning stage we work on gaining the proper range of motion in order to perform the exercises needed to improve your stability and strength. This can include stretching, mobility exercises, joint mobilization, and more!

Stability Phase

In the second stage our goals are to make sure that your joints are able to handle a more rigorous program and any future challenges they may be placed under. This can include perturbations, isometrics, form correction, etc!

Strength Phase

We are now strengthening the muscles to achieve our goals (playing with out grandkids, returning to doing house work, getting back to our jobs). We focus on concentric/eccentric work, dynamic movements, and are directly targetting your challenges.

Wellness Phase

This is the ultimate goal....To work on our overall health and injury prevention when we are feeling good! By this point, you understand that the biggest trap in our own health is to not do anything once we are feeling good! Don't fall in that trap by continuing to work with us!


-Evaluation and individually purchased sessions (60 min)

-“5 Session” Package

-“10 Session” Package

-“15 Session” Package

-30 min Telehealth

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