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Exercise Compliance: How To Stick To the Plan

Something I have struggled with is sticking with a diet and exercise routine. After some reflection, I have been able to identify factors that play into my challenges and hope sharing them with you can help you jump back (and stay) on the horse!

Factor 1: You don't have a routine! Whether it is because of your job or home responsibilities, you haven't set a specific time designated for exercise. It may not be enough to say "I am going to find an hour every day to exercise" if you don't say what time exactly. For me, I like to set my exercise time slot within 2 hours of getting home from work. Otherwise, I'm all settled in and not doing anything from that point on. This can also be applied to meals. Meal prepping really helps maintain a routine when it comes to food as I always over-indulge in both the "what" and "how much" if I don't have anything prepared.

Factor 2: Working out alone might be boring for you or the type of exercise doesn't match your interests. I find that I really enjoy High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and in a group setting. When alone, I have no one to silently complete with and push myself. There is a camaraderie that comes to suffering together as well! With traditional weight lifting or straight cardio, it's not that its not challenging enough, its the lack of variety and pace. It was when I discovered HIIT that I was able to drop 60 pounds!

Factor 3: Not telling anyone about your goals! For someone who has had years of on and off again dieting and exercise, I at times, wouldn't tell anyone my plans to try and become healthier due to fear of accountability and judgement. It is important to realize that telling people can in fact be a great motivator to make sure your stay the course. Also understand that if someone in your life is judging you for having goals of becoming healthier, then you might be imaging it or they aren't so good for you!

Factor 4: Having the mindset of "well I screwed up once so might as well quit". This cop-out was a favorite of mine where I let loose hard in terms of my diet and exercise over a weekend and would just decide that I was done all together. This really makes no sense and is unreasonable to think that a person would stay with a routine perfectly. Thats why for my patients that usually try really hard to maintain their home exercise program and skip for a just a few days; I tell them that it's human to let things fall by the wayside as long as we resume!

Take these factors into account for a healthier you. If you have any pain or fear of developing pain, email us at to discuss with Dr. Clint Woo how to work on your goals!

This is not intended to be professional advice. Please speak with a physician or physical therapist. Invest in yourself by bring the physical rehab to your home! We at Woo Physical Therapy and Wellness are proud to serve the Anne Arundel, Howard, and Prince George's counties in-home and online anywhere else for general wellness!!

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